Student Volunteer Midpoint Check-in | Class Verification

Junior Achievement has developed a class verification process in an effort to ensure our programs are reaching our students. This process will also ensure program implementation standards and maintain an accurate count of all students participating in JA programs.

How do I verify my class?

JA has made it easy for you to verify your class. Once you register for a class you are given the curriculum along with a class information page.

This page can also serve as your fax verification form.  If you would like to verify your class on-line, select the JA office where you received the class assignment from the menu on the right.  Fill out the form and submit it to our office electronically.

Once again thank you for participating in Junior Achievement.

Student Volunteers Only

Midpoint Check-In

Junior Achievement has also included a midpoint check-in component in the verification process to be used only for all our student volunteers.

Class Verification

Use this option once you have completed your last session.  This is the final step of your class assignment for all volunteers.

JA Feedback

In order to continue to improve our program content and implementation, we ask that you please complete a brief survey.

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