Teachers Bring Success

Into the Classroom

Give Them The Power To Change The World

Junior Achievement (JA) brings business into the classroom.  JA recruits and trains community volunteers to visit classrooms in south Texas and teach young people how the real world of business works.

JA volunteers use prepared and practical hands on activities to show students from kindergarten through twelfth grade how the business world operates and how it affects the students as family members, citizens and consumers.

JA volunteers will meet with your students in their regular classroom for 45 minutes a week for 5 to 8 weeks depending on the program.




Junior Achievement of South Texas offers over 20 experiential, hands on programs that help students, grades k-12, discover and apply entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy concepts and skills.


JA programs are correlated to the TEKS requirements providing an opportunity to reinforce what educators teach in the classroom. Download correlations here.

How Do I Sign Up

My Class?

Junior Achievement of South Texas has three offices. Our main office in San Antonio and two satellite offices; one in Laredo and another in Corpus Christi. So if you are interested in having JA programs  in your classroom, simply select the office nearest you from the links below: