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JA Volunteer in the Corpus Christi Area?

Thank you for taking an interest in our local youth by becoming a JA Volunteer in Corpus Christi and surrounding areas! We are always in need of volunteers from our community to help prepare and inspire students to succeed in a global economy!

Volunteer Training

All of our volunteers go through a required 1 1/2 hour training before they enter the classroom. At our volunteer training, you will learn more about JA, our programs and available classrooms for this  school year. To schedule a training session, please contact Ruby Reyes at 361-884-6788

Volunteer Tools

We make sure all our volunteers have everything they need to make the class experience memorable and effective.  We have compiled JA program and JA volunteer training videos  to supplement the required volunteer training.  You will also find downloadable program certificates, if needed! Click HERE for the Volunteer Tools.

Volunteer Profile

Download a JA Volunteer Profile, complete it and bring this form with you to the JA training, or fax it to the JA office at 361-884-6685.  Make sure you download the appropriate volunteer profile below:

Important Notifications


In an effort to keep track of JA class schedules, we ask that you please submit this start date form. Issues getting in touch with the teacher? Use this form as well to let us know about it.

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In an effort to ensure JA programs are going smoothly, we want your feedback on how things are going so far. Thank you so much for your assistance.

Submit Midpoint Check


In an effort to ensure timely implementation of our programs and for recording purposes, we appreciate you taking the time to submit information on the completion of your JA program.

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